On-The-Go Cleaning and Whitening
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Cleans under, over and around braces and aligners while simultaneously whitening teeth.

WhiteFoam For Clear Aligners & Retainers


Our wearable cleaner keeps your aligners clear and your breath fresh while whitening your teeth.

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OmniFoam For Implants, Crowns, & Bridges


Kills bacteria in the margins of implants, crowns, and bridges to help keep your mouth healthy.

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FreshDent For Dentures & Partials


Use at home or on-the-go to keep your breath fresh and dentures clean – without harsh chemicals.

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FreshDent For Dentures & Partials


Cleans orthogunk, whitens under brackets, and prevents white spots. Makes brushing fun!.

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Braces Cleaner Orthofoam


OrthoFoam’s brushing bubbles work on top of, around, and even underneath metal and ceramic braces.

AlignerFresh – Aligner & Retainer Cleaner

AlignerFresh – Aligner & Retainer Cleaner

No soaking or rinsing required, just pump the foam into your trays, place them in your mouth, and go!

OmniFoam The first implant, crown and bridge cleaner


The first implant, crown and bridge cleaner! Fights peri-implantitis, removes biofilm, and kills 99.999% of bacteria within 60 seconds. Use while brushing, as a rinse, or with trays.

EverSmile FreshDent is a patented, deep cleaning, on-the-go denture and partial cleaner that kills bacteria and freshens dentures and partials


The only wearable denture cleaner you can keep in your pocket! Foamer for at-home use and sprayer for on-the-go so your dentures are always fresh and clean. 

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