Here are some top tips to clean your aligners…Congratulations for starting on your Aligner journey! This means that your Smile is important to you and that you want to make a change for the better! Getting your first set of aligners are exciting and the journey has finally begun. BUT, keeping them clean and finding the perfect aligner cleaner might be a new venture for you.

How to KEEP Aligners Clean

The first step in keeping aligners clean, is making sure where you put them when they are not in your mouth!

  • Do not put your aligners in a napkin or tissue – you might forget where you placed it and accidentally throw it away.
  • Do not leave your Aligners in your car – not only will bacteria fester, but the heat that builds up can cause damage to your aligner.
  • Do not throw your aligners in your handbag – with things going in and out of your bag all the time, this might not be the cleanest place to put them.

How to EAT with Aligners

  • Remove your Aligners when eating.
    Keep your aligners safe in their container while eating.
  • Pump 1-2 pumps of EverSmile’s Aligner Cleaner into aligners while you eat, so they are ready to go back into your mouth after eating.
  • EverSmile’s Aligner Cleaner cleans aligners without needing to soak or rinse them.
  • Before putting Aligners back, make sure your teeth are clean and no food is stuck between teeth.

How to CLEAN Aligners

Aligner Cleaning –  Don’t

  • Toothpaste – Toothpaste can be abrasive and can damage and scratch your aligner. Toothpaste can cause your aligners to not be as clear as they need to be. We recommend to not use toothpaste to clean your aligners.
  • Mouthwash – Mouthwash is exactly what is says, for your mouth. Most mouthwash products contain dyes that can stain your aligners. For clean and clear aligners, it’s safe to rather steer clear of using your mouthwash as aligner cleaner!
  • Bleach – This might seem like a great idea, but bleach is not ideal to clean your aligners with. Bleach can have a devastating effect on your health and also damage your aligners. It is best to stay away from using bleach.

Aligner Cleaning – Maybe


  • Denture Cleaner – Denture cleaner can be used to soak aligners in. Most often, denture cleaners come in the form of a tablet. Allow tablet to dissolve in water and allow aligners to soak in the denture cleaner. Be aware that most denture cleaners are manufactured for dentures and retainers and not for clear aligners. Some denture cleaners can stain clear aligners over time and not be the ideal aligner cleaner.
  • Soap – Soap can be mixed with water to soak aligners in. Be careful to properly rinse all soap from aligners before putting them back in your mouth. Although soap can be used, it will not remove all yellow stains and bacteria from your aligner.
  • Baking Soda – If you have no other aligner cleaner at hand, baking soda can be used to clean your aligners. Use baking soda and water to soak your aligners in. Make sure not to brush your aligners with your toothbrush as this will damage your aligners. Baking soda is abrasive so make sure to properly rinse them before placing them back into your mouth.
  • Vinegar – The good news is that vinegar can be used as aligner cleaner when you are home. Create a mixture of white vinegar and warm water and soak your aligners to remove any tartar that has build up in the aligner. Although this is not ideal, this method can work.

Aligner cleaning – Do

  • Hydrogen peroxide – You might think of peroxide as a bleaching agent for hair but using hydrogen peroxide is a great way to clean aligners with. To clean your aligners with hydrogen peroxide, simply mix an equal amount of peroxide and water. Allow aligners to soak for 15-30 minutes and rinse off before placing them back in your mouth.
  • Aligner Cleaner – There are many aligner cleaner products on the market that can be used to clean your clear aligners.
  • WhiteFoam – EverSmile’s Aligner cleaner is perfect for cleaning your clear aligners. WhiteFoam is an On-The-Go cleaning and whitening, hydrogen peroxide formulation that is a perfect fit for your aligner. EverSmile’s WhiteFoam contains 3,8% hydrogen peroxide, which means it cleans aligners and gradually and safely whitens teeth. Simply pump 1-2 pumps of foam in your aligner, place aligner in your mouth, spit out any access and you are ready to go.

To have a smooth aligner journey, make sure to follow our tips. It is important to keep your aligners safe when you take them out to eat and when you store them. Your aligners can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria – so make sure you follow the best aligner cleaner options available to you. EverSmile’s Aligner cleaner, WhiteFoam is On-The-Go cleaning and Whitening.