Covid-19, has changed our routines, but trust EverSmile to make cleaning braces and aligners hassle free.

Routines have changed.

Finally, the day arrived. I took a long bath and put on my finest clothes (the ones that still fit). I did my hair for the first time in a week and yes, I did put some make-up on. You never know who you might see. As I drive down the driveway and outside the yard, the excitement seem to overtake me. Finally, outside the home.

Pulling into the car park area, and seeing a line of people, one meter apart, soon shattered all excitement to get out of the house. Standing in a long queue has never felt this uncomfortable. A local grocery shop, where I would run into the kids’ teacher or some familiar face from high school, now feels tense and obscure. I just needed toilet paper, and this line makes it feel awkward. Right in front of me stood a husband and wife with their toddler girl. As they got to the front row, they were told; no kids allowed and only one person per family. With shock and feeling out of place, the husband resolved to walk around outside while mom goes inside for essentials.

Covid-19, Corono, Coronavirus, and whatever else it is called, it has surely turned life as we know it upside down. One moment we were going full speed ahead and travelling and the next moment, we are home and our daily routines look way different from the week before.

A place where family and friends go, to get food, a car toy or some pool cleanser, now felt uncomfortable and unreal. One can sense the tension between people in the aisles. If someone coughs too hard, everyone stares.

Oral hygiene – Keep the routine

Things have changed and will probably look different still in the months to come. But one thing remains, cleaning teeth with braces and aligners is a daily habit that is not going anywhere. We want to remind our loyal customer that we will be right here by your side. During this time, it is not always possible to see your local dentist or oral hygienist, but EverSmile wants to join you in your daily routine and making sure that one thing remains the same… your oral hygiene routine.

Keeping a white smile with the daily routine of cleaning aligners and braces with EverSmile should be no fuss at all.

Feel at home with EverSmile

EverSmile wants to make you feel at home and make sure some things stay the same for you. Cleaning your braces and aligners should be the last thing on your list to worry about. Trust EverSmile to take cake of your Smile, while you focus on your work and family during this time.

Remember to keep your aligners clean with EverSmile South Africa’s WhiteFoam and take care of your braces with OrthoFoam, as part of a good oral hygiene routine.