Our struggle with cleaning braces became your answer!

The Struggle is real – Brushing with braces.

With a toddler and 2 teens, we set off for the USA for a month-long holiday. Thinking your holiday would be without frustrations was wishful thinking. Our frustration followed us into the USA. This frustration involves brushing teeth with braces.

Downside of having Braces

Our story of frustration with teens with braces just got a whole lot worse with constantly eating take-aways. Being on holiday, we always try different foods, sweets, and the like. This soon turned to:

  • dirty braces
  • swollen gums
  • food that is stuck between brackets and elastics
  • bad breath
  • Irritation
  • Lack of confidence

One can certainly add family fights to that list. Trying to brush teeth with braces, just reached a whole other level…

No more struggle – Brushing with braces.

One morning we slipped out into the nearest pharmacy (CSV) store and there it was = EverSmile – OrthoFoam. The package almost lit up on the shelf… Not thinking much at the time, we bought one OrthoFoam and took it back to the Hotel room.

Days later, our frustration has turned to awe, amazement if you will, shiny braces and clean teeth! It was so noticeable; we couldn’t believe it. Finally, our prayers have been answered. A product that cleans braces. At the same time, EverSmile gently whitens teeth. The hydrogen Peroxide simultaneously disinfects the mouth and keeps oral hygiene in check. OrthoFoam became the new toothbrush for braces. The foam travels in all directions and even works underneath the braces on the teeth.

Getting back to South Africa, our whole family started using EverSmile as part of our daily routine. Cleaning teeth with braces just got easy and so much fun! Anyone can brush or rinse with it. We were hooked! But soon our excitement about a solution, was halted. We were shocked to not find this great product in any store. Because it was working so well, we could not go without it anymore and our only resolve was to buy it on Amazon. The money and time spent was all worth the product. But, what if… It was then that OUR story became YOUR story. We could never keep this secret to ourselves. We know that so many people have kids with braces and that they too go through the same frustrations as we do. For all the frustrated kids and parents, we knew what we needed to do… Bring EverSmile to South Africa!

Get your EverSmile on – Brush like a pro!

We started a long journey and finally in 2019, we are able to provide Orthodontists and Dentists nationwide with EverSmile’s main two products. These include OrthoFoam for braces and WhiteFoam for aligners. We are overjoyed that we can help every person undergoing orthodontic treatment! Finally, braces and Aligners can be clean. And a white smile to go with that!
Our story is the start of your happily ever after with braces and aligners.

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