Quantity: 1 sprayer per package
Volume: 10ml sprayer per package

SportsFresh™ is proud to deliver benefits such as:

The only on-the-go sports guard cleaner
Cleans when it matters the most
ls bacteria caused during high impact activity


SportsFresh on the go guard cleaner

EverSmile® SportsFresh™

SportsFresh™ is a patented mouth guard cleaner that helps kill the harmful bacteria inside your mouth guard that could cause bad breath and tooth decay. While untreated mouth guards pose a health hazard, products used to clean and disinfect can be unsafe.

SportsFresh’s™ main ingredients of hydrogen peroxide and cleaning agents are both safe and effective. Children and adult athletes can clean and disinfect their mouth guards — even while they are on the go. At EverSmile, our products help athletes save time and money while extending the life of their mouth guards. Spend more time practicing and less time worrying about cleaning and disinfecting your equipment with the help of SportsFresh™.

Mouth guards offer a layer of protection and help minimize the risk of serious dental injuries while playing intense contact sports such as boxing, football and hockey. While there are several benefits of wearing this piece of equipment, improperly cleaned mouth guards can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria.

That’s because mouth guards have many crevices where bacteria, yeast and mold can become trapped. They also tend to be stored in dark, warm environments where bacteria thrives. When bacteria builds up, it can lead to issues ranging from bad breath to infection. Without knowing how to regularly clean a mouth guard, its life span will be significantly shortened.

  • Mouth guards are breeding grounds for bacteria and mold.
  • Bacteria can lead to plaque, causing a range of dental issues such as gingivitis.
  • Untreated and dirty mouth guards can lead to discoloration and staining.
    An overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth guard can cause a bad taste or foul smell.
  • An untreated mouth guard also won’t last as long, costing more money in the long run.
  • The ingredients in SportsFresh eliminate 99.999% of the harmful bacteria that could be lurking in your mouth guard.
  • No brushing or soaking is required — just pump the product into your mouth guard for a sanitized clean you can count on.
  • The foam is quick and easy to use, saving you time and effort each day.

How it Works

SportsFresh Pump 1-2 sprays in guard

Pump 1-2 sprays in guard

SportsFresh Place mouth guard in mouth

Place mouth guard in mouth

SportsFresh Spit excess from mouth

Spit excess from mouth

EverSmile® SportsFresh™


Does EverSmile SportsFresh™ cause tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity has not been reported with the proper use of EverSmile SportsFresh. If sensitivity does occur reduce usage to once per day and consult your orthodontist.

How many times per day can I use EverSmile SportsFresh?

EverSmile SportsFresh can be used safely up to 6 times per day.

How long does one bottle of EverSmile SportsFresh last?

Each 10ml bottle will last approximately 30 days if used 3 times daily.

Is this product safe to use while pregnant?

As with any tooth whitening product, EverSmile SportsFresh cannot be recommended while pregnant.

Why was SportsFresh developed?

SportsFresh was developed to kill unwanted harmful bacteria that grow on untreated sports guards. SportsFresh uses a patent pending formula consisting of hydrogen peroxide and cleaning agents. Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria that causes bad breath and tooth decay.

EverSmile® SportsFresh™


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