Toothbrush timer: Get Kids to Brush for Two Full Minutes.

We all know that brushing teeth is a vital part of life and our overall health. Most of us don’t even think about it; we get our toothbrush out, apply some toothpaste and brush! As simple as that. But when it comes to kids, it’s a whole other ball game…

Does toothbrush time with kids make you feel like this?


Are these behaviors displayed in your home?

  • Endless crying when the toothbrush comes out.
  • Throwing a tantrum when you attempt to see the time, they use their toothbrush.
  • A wet toothbrush but you KNOW it was nowhere near their mouth.
  • Crying about the horrible taste of the toothpaste (just to get out of it).
    Using a stopwatch as a toothbrush timer and to no avail.

If you experience any or all the above, then you have come to the right place.

But first, why are oral care habits important for kids?

You might think that baby teeth are not that important because they will soon come out, right? Wrong! Your child’s first set of teeth are just as important. It is vital to start taking care of little teeth as early as when the first one comes out! Teaching your child good oral care habits from a young age will help them in adulthood.

You might be tempted to think that baby teeth will come out soon and therefore not require as much attention. The truth is that some baby teeth can stay in for a long time and if not taken care off, can cause immense problems.

Neglected teeth is a much bigger problem than getting kids to brush their teeth. It is important to make sure that the toothbrush time is at least 2 minutes and that a toothbrush timer is in place to reinforce the duration of toothbrushing time.

Turtle timer to encourage kids to brush for 2 minutes

We have some great tips on how you can get your kids to brush their teeth for two full minutes.


This Toothbrush Timer is a game changer. It has everything kids want and helps them to brush for a full two minutes. HOW, you are asking. Here is the secret:

  • A friendly Turtle toothbrush companion.
  • The Toothbrush timer that goes for the full two minutes.
  • Fun 30 seconds per flipper that lights up.
  • A new spin on the usual sand toothbrush timer.
  • Water resistant reptile friend that can stand or stick to the wall.
  • It’s portable so take it wherever you go.
  • No sound which is perfect to not overstimulate kids.
  • 4 LED lights that light up and directs kids through the toothbrush timer cycle.
  • The reptile friend takes kids through all 4 quadrants and finished off with the tongue.
  • Easy start rubber button on the reptile friend’s back.

“The toothbrush timer is a Game changer!” Irene Schoeman

“I have no more tears in my home, thanks to the amazing Two Minute Turtle Timer.” Jane Mongale

Make brushing fun with the Two minute turtle timer! Order today to change the game in your home!

More tips to help kids enjoy brushing teeth!

  1. Give them options – Allow kids to choose their own toothbrush and their favourite colour.
  2. Rewards chart – Create a rewards chart that shows they brushed in the morning and evening and allow them to place a star in the right place.
  3. See the plaque – Use a plaque discolouring toothpaste so that kids can see the plaque and see where to brush.
  4. Dental visit – Visit your dentist and allow the dentist to teach your kids about good oral care habits.
  5. Do it with them – When you demonstrate and set an example, your kids will see it and follow you!
  6. Visuals – Most kids learn when they see. Show them pictures and teach them about unhealthy and healthy teeth.
  7. Take turns – Make it fun and allow your child to brush for the first round. Then you take your turn to brush again. Kids under six have not fully developed their motor skills and need an adult to help them brush properly.

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